becky-lynn-shadidMy being your Life Coach means that you will be in a partnership to help you discover what is your personal best and what it is you really want.

Nothing Creates More Progress than Success….

I will help you to align and balance your thought processes. Lower your barriers. Gain clarity. Inspire you to move toward places you have never been… not spending your time looking back..helping you to navigate forward through the minefields, step by step until your progress has lead to success in all the areas of your life.

I will set the strategy, provide the tools to work your skills, train you to your full potential and push you with compassion further than you ever thought was your possible.

You will feel empowered, fulfilled, happy and successful. You will know and feel progress. In completing this journey you will have created abundance in wealth, health, business, relationships and any other areas you crave abundance in your life.

Get ready to Be Extraordinary!

People would rather be miserable in a familiar way than to be happy in an unfamiliar way. ~ Virginia Satir

Your journey is accomplished by your willingness to make the necessary changes and will be actualized by combining one or more of the many modalities in my professional arsenal. Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistics (NLP), EFT (Tapping), Vipassana Meditation and my Coaching Tool Chest will be made available to you. My personal commitment, dedication and guidance towards your Success will complete your vision of the Big Picture.