What Is My Life Purpose?

My clients come into my office and no matter what is happening in their life in the moment…the question that always come up is “How do I know exactly what my purpose is for this lifetime?” If you have been trying to connect with your purpose…I hope the questions below will help guide you towards your unique and special purpose that makes your heart sing.

  1. What does make your heart sing?
  2. What do people always come to me for?
  3. For whom do I feel overwhelming compassion?
  4. What makes me angry?
  5. What would I battle for and really take a stand for?
  6. What drives me totally insane?
  7. What do I never get tired of talking about?
  8. What do I never get tired of doing?
  9. What do I know about for sure?
  10. What subject would I be able to make my statements and take a stand for with total confidence?
  11. What could I honestly be able to write a book about?
  12. When I was struggling, what or whom do I wish had existed to help me?

Spend some quiet time and answer these questions. Write all your answers down and I can guarantee you will see a pattern start to form that will answer what you are suppose be doing for this lifetime. Now write out a plan to get you going in the direction of your purpose and take the steps necessary to get you there….Start Today!.