A quick method to begin to meditate daily

I am asked again and again from my clients …How do I begin to meditate?  How do I quiet my mind?  How can I find time to do it everyday? Will it just be a waste of my time?

Well…I will tell you I had these same questions and this is what works for me.

  • Find a comfortable spot and Get Still.
  • Do a Progressive Relaxation.  Start at the top of your head .. go to your eyes ..to your face .. to your neck .. to your arms .. to your heart .. to your chest .. to your stomach .. to your legs .. to your feet .. to your toes and mentally feel yourself relaxing breathing naturally…Just Relax All Over Your Being.
  • With your Body Functions now slowed down..Begin TRACKING…..
  • TRACK Your Mind…what is moving around in your mind?
  • TRACK Your Body..do you feel Physical tension? Pain? Do you feel safe? Are you feeling Open? Available?
  • TRACK Your Emotions..Let yourself Feel..say to yourself..”I feel…………”  (Do not use the word   “because”   just feel the emotion).
  • TRACK Your Vitality..Can you feel the power for Life? Vibrations? Energy..is it High or Low?
  • TRACK Your Intuition..Numb? Discontent? Clueless?  Track the thoughts surrounding the people that pops into your awareness.  What things are holding you back?

*Remember when you are doing this tracking throughout your being these two things.

  1. Where your attention goes…allow it to go there and focus on the thought until the thought morphes into an answer or diminishes and flows away..maybe it is not so important?
  2. What you resist will persist….so do not resist a thought..see where it goes..allow it to flow.  Take a few minutes and identify your daily thoughts and feelings.

BE AWARE each and everyday during this meditation exercise of your thoughts and feelings. We have 65,000 thoughts each and everyday. Try to keep your thoughts positive..by taking the time to do this meditation ritual everyday it will provide for you a time to concentrate on what IS going on in your mind, body and soul. It will help keep your life under control daily and not build up into a drama over time by not paying attention.

It is simple and only take 10-15 minutes to do each day. Within a short 25-30 days you will perfect your style in tracking you from the inside and you will have created a very useful daily meditation ritual.  Concentrate on your feelings to help you make your daily decisions.  Remember that….Daily Decisions are so important to our overall wellbeing.  Making bad decisions makes a bad life.  Making good decisions makes a good life.  Really as simple as that.

Until next time

Holding space for your success with much love!

Becky Lynn